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Getting Started with IR Insight
The goal of this webinar is to get you familiarized with navigating the platform. It will also empower you to configure IR Insight to suit your needs.

Nasdaq ConnectIR: Removing The Friction Of Scheduling Meetings

Market and regulatory changes, such as MiFID II, are having real-time effects on IR teams globally. IR teams are engaging in more direct buy-side and sell-side outreach than ever before. Now, Nasdaq IR Intelligence offers ConnectIR, helping IR teams be more efficient, save time and maximize the effectiveness of their IR programs.

Improved Report Manager: Learn How To Use the New Reporting Tool
Tried our new reporting workflow? The new report builder takes you through a step-by-step process to build Contact, Firm or Activity Reports. More output options across all Build-your-own reports, including more contact and event data. We recently added the new My Activity / Events Build Your Own, Firm Interaction, and Contact Interaction templates to the report section.

Excel Add-in: Download, Navigation, and Template Library

IR Insight’s Excel Add-in is a powerful time saving tool for compiling IR Insight data into Excel. This webinar will focus on the basics to get you familiarized.

New! Leverage IR Insight for ESG Contacts

Join this webinar to learn where you can find ESG Contacts in IR Insight. 

Excel Add-in: Deep Dive

This webinar will focus on specific categories in the Function Lookup such as Companies, Firms, Funds and Contacts. Learn how to build your own set of Nasdaq Add-in formulas.

passiveIQ™ is an award-winning tool built to help today's IROs understand the trends in passive index ownership, identify which indices are most important for you and understand why you might not be included in certain indices. Available via Nasdaq IR Insight®, you’ll be able to benchmark passive ownership relative to your peers and provide management reports on the indices that have capital in you and your peers.


Keep record of your investor interactions & meeting notes - CMS Tools
Create itinerary using best practices, download Briefing Book, investor profiles for your itinerary

Passive IQ - Understand indexes and passive investment through IR Insight

Understand what being part of an index really represents to you in terms of investment capital. How much passive investment is my company capturing from this? How many indices is my company part of? Which indices am I missing and why? 

Leverage Connect IR to easily schedule your (virtual) meetings with investors and analysts

What is Connect IR and how it can help you engage with your contacts, create meetings and follow the whole process. You will learn how to save time and be informed in real time on who is scheduling meetings without back and forth emails. 

Investor Profiles & Briefing Books

Access detailed profiles for institutional contacts. Learn about different types of Investor Profiles and download options (PDF, Excel, Word). Download Itinerary Reports & Briefing Books for your roadshows

Identifying risks and opportunities in my shareholder base: Smart Targets

What is Smart Targets and how can I use it to help me identify new investors or current investors potentially at risk of selling, over the next 6 months

Getting Started - Market Intelligence

Overview of all available functions but also navigation in IR Insight, setting up peer lists, alert settings and broker entitlements. Introduction to IR Insight mobile apps and the Excel Add-In.

Corporate Events (Street Events database) & Transcripts

Event Creation best practices; using tags and topics; time-saving features; create briefing books and profiles

New Training Sessions

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