Nasdaq Annual NY Climate Week Conference 2023
September 19th, 2023
On the heels of 2022's successful Nasdaq ESG Leadership Forum, we are excited to inaugurate this year's NY Climate Week Conference.

Join thought leaders across corporates, investors, rating and ranking organizations, regulators, and innovation-drivers for impactful discussions.

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2 - 7 PM ET


10th Floor
151 W 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036
United States

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Event MC: Nina Eisenman, Head of Corporate ESG Strategy

2:00 PM - Welcome Remarks: Introduction to Nasdaq’s Annual NY Climate Week Conference

  • Nina Eisenman, Head of Corporate ESG Strategy, Nasdaq
  • Randall Hopkins, Global Head of ESG Solutions, Nasdaq

2:05 - 2:15 PM - Fireside Chat

  • Randall Hopkins, Global Head of ESG Solutions, Nasdaq
  • Sarah Keohane Williamson, Chief Executive Officer, FCLTGlobal
2:15 - 2:30 PM - Keynote: The State of ESG & Climate Today
  • Lila Karbassi, Senior Advisor UN Global Compact and UN Permanent Observer to SBTi
2:30 - 2:45 PM - Keynote: The State of ESG & Climate Today
  • Valerie Plante, Mayor of Montreal

2:45 PM – General Session: Corporate Decarbonization: How Can Carbon Markets Be Leveraged as a Complementary Tool in a Pathway to Net Zero?

Session Description:
Moderated panel discussion by Nasdaq. We will hear the thoughts and expertise from different perspectives on how Carbon Markets can be used as a complementary tool to reach Net-Zero goals. This panel provides you with an overview of the crucial aspects and key considerations for corporates implementing a decarbonization path through carbon markets. It emphasizes the importance of target setting, reporting, differentiation between carbon credits and removals, and forward-looking commitments (Advanced Market Commitments) to scale the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR). We will also discuss the distinction between traditional carbon credits and permanent removals, along with ways market players can support corporates in their sustainability efforts. Additionally, it raises the question of whether different market models, such as bilateral agreements, auctions, and orderbooks, are needed for various types of purchases and instruments.

  • Tomas Thyblad, Head of ESG Solutions, European Markets, Nasdaq (MODERATOR)
  • Genevieve Soh, Head of Platforms & Ecosystems, CIX
  • Stephane R Audran, Co-Head, Global Strategic Indices, JP Morgan
  • Ebba Grythberg - Head of Sustainability, Spotify

3:15 PM - General Session:  Navigating Public Discourse and Delivering Your Best Climate Story

Session Description: With increasing scrutiny around ESG in the media, learn how corporates and investors are navigating heavily politicized public discourse to continue to deliver the right narrative around corporate climate journeys and drive impact. Also, our speakers will discuss best practices in bridging external communication channels across CFOs, CSOs, IROs, GCs and Comms/PR teams to ensure leadership alignment and maximum impact on external delivery.

  • Andrea Altmann, ESG Product Evangelist, Nasdaq (MODERATOR)
  • Amma Anaman, Associate General Counsel & Legal Relationship Manager, U.S. Listings, Nasdaq
  • Mary Jane McQuillen, Managing Director, Portfolio Manager, Head of ESG Investment, ClearBridge Investments
  • Rishi Shah, Head of Sustainability, Wyndham

3:45 PM – General Session: ESG Data Quality and Standardization in the Shifting ESG Disclosure Landscape

Session Description:
Higher quality standardized ESG data underpins many of the trends affecting ESG disclosures. These trends include the evolving regulatory landscape, varying approaches to ESG ratings and the further development of both new and existing standards. . Hear key raters, standards and regulatory perspectives on the rapidly evolving ESG regulatory landscape, how the corporate community is thinking about the multitude of taxonomies and moving beyond just a good ESG score to how they can ensure audit-grade data and that their staff is well equipped to disclose.

  • Jeremy Taub, Head of ESG Content Team, Nasdaq (MODERATOR)
  • Elizabeth Seeger, ISSB Member (ISSB)
  • Beth Byington, Managing Director, Global Head of Corporate ESG & Climate Solutions, MSCI
  • Raquel Fox, Partner, Head of U.S. ESG Practice/Co-Head SEC Reporting and Compliance Practice, Skadden

First round of breakout tracks:

4:15 – 4:45 PM Breakout Track 1: Driving Your Sustainability Program to Success with the Right Tools

Session Description:
Join Erwan Jameron, with over two decades of experience supporting corporates in their sustainability commitments, for an overview on the current state of sustainability, major trends across our corporate community, regulatory expectations, and discuss key solutions in the market for sustainability program management with key ESG stakeholders.

  • Erwan Jameron, Chief Revenue Officer, Nasdaq
  • Mike Mattera, Director of Corporate Sustainability & ESG Officer, Akamai
  • Matthew Rusk, Head of GRI North America Engagement & Public Affairs, GRI
  • David Metcalfe, CEO, Verdantix

4:15 – 4:45 PM Breakout Track 2: Meet ESG Intelligence, shaped by experts powered by AI

Session Description:
In a fireside chat format, join Nasdaq’s Mike Stiller as he discusses the growing challenges corporates face around ESG research with Natasha Tuck, Director of Sustainability & ESG at Dolby. Mike will also cover why sustainability is a perfect use case to apply AI and provide a preview of Sustainable Lens, Nasdaq’s new AI-powered ESG Intelligence tool.

  • Mike Stiller, New Initiatives, Nasdaq
  • Natasha Tuck, Director, Sustainability & ESG, Dolby

4:15 – 5:15 PM – Breakout Track 3: Financing Decarbonization & Carbon Removal

Session Description: A breakout panel discussion will dive into corporate action to accelerate the carbon removal market, with a focus on financing decarbonisation and responsible leadership across the corporate and VC ecosystem while exploring other themes.
The panel hones in on the aspect of financing decarbonisation and the importance of building a financial ecosystem while building on the forthcoming report, “Accelerating the Carbon Removal Market through Responsible Corporate Leadership” and highlighting corporate contributions to this ecosystem.

  • Robert Schiele, Global Head of Negative Emissions Technologies, Siemens Finance Systems
  • Dr Bryan Scheler, Head of Sustainable Finance, Impact Investing, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt
  • Melissa Jun Rowley, Founder & CEO, WLP
  • Ben Rubin, Executive Director, Carbon Business Council

Second round of breakout tracks:

4:45 – 5:15 PM – Breakout Track 4: Key Climate Trends from Nasdaq’s Net Zero Pulse Survey

Session Description:
Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) is necessary to achieve any corporate net zero commitment. Learn more about the role of carbon removal credits in corporate decarbonization strategies and what criteria companies prioritize in their net zero decision making process. Learn how these corporate purchasing decisions impact the ability of the CDR ecosystem to reach gigaton scale

  • Antti Vihavainen, CEO,
  • Sarabeth Brockley, Lead ESG Advisor, Nasdaq (MODERATOR)
4:45 – 5:15 PM - Breakout Track 5: The ESG Journey with eVestment

Session Description:
Join Erika Spence at Nasdaq alongside Niels Fibaek, one of the Cofounders of Matter, to discuss where we started with ESG, the progress we’ve made, and where we are now. With a focus on the new eVestment ESG Analytics product, this session will talk about how Nasdaq can help provide an in-depth lens into the ESG landscape with best-in-class data sourced from Matter.

  • Erika Spence, AVP, Data Strategy and Operations, Nasdaq
  • Niels Fibaek, Co-Founder, Matter

5:15 PM – A Message from Randall Hopkins, Global Head of Nasdaq ESG Solutions, and Janice Warren, Head of ESG Reporting Product Innovation , Nasdaq

  • Randall Hopkins, Global Head of Nasdaq ESG Solutions, Nasdaq
  • Janice Warren, Head of ESG Reporting Product Innovation, Nasdaq

5:30 PM - ISSB Cocktail Hour: Opportunity to connect with peers and network with a scenic view of NYC from the heart of Times Square

  • Emmanuel Faber, Chair, International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB)

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